photo neededIn hmolscience, John D. Trimmer (1908-1983) was an American physicist noted for his involvement in the so-called “Princeton social physics project", his 1950 Response of Physics Systems being cited by John Q. Stewart in his 1953 report on social physics. [1]

Trimmer completed his PhD in physics, in 1936, with a dissertation on “An Investigation of Subjective Tones by Means of the Steady Tone Phase Effect”, at the University of Michigan. In 1953, Trimmer was associated with the University of Tennessee. [1] In 1980, Trimmer was an adjunct professor of physics at Drexel University. (Ѻ)

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● Trimmer, John D. (1955). “Measurement of Human Activity” (abs), Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 60:829-35, Apr.

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