Karl VogtIn existographies, Karl Vogt (1817-1895) (FA:111), aka "Carl Vogt" (Lange, 1879) was a German-born Swiss geologist, physiologist, naturalist, materialist, and atheist, oft-classified (Ѻ) with the so-called “scientific materialists” Jacob Moleschott, Ludwig Buchner, and Ernst Haeckel, noted for []

In 1858, Vogt translated Robert ChambersVestiges of the Natural History of Creation (1858) into German.

In 1859, Vogt, with the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species, began to tour Europe with promoting Darwin’s materialism-based evolution theories.

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Vogt was the public preacher, and Moleschott a powerful symbol, yet it was Ludwig Buchner’s Force and Matter that, for many people, was the century’s key book on science and belief.”
Jennifer Hecht (2003), Doubt: a History (pg. 405)

“According to Vogt, and his ilk [Haeckel, Buchner, Moleschott], science had proved the world was nothing more than matter.”
— Nick Spencer (2014), Atheists: the Origin of Species [1]

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“Thoughts come out of the brain as gall from the liver, or urine from the kidneys.”
— Karl Vogt (c.1860) [2]

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● Lange, Friedrich A. (1865). The History of Materialism and Criticism of its Present Importance: Materialism in Antiquity (translator: Ernest Thomas) (Vogt, 20+ pgs, e.g. pg. 292). Houghton, Osgood. & Co, 1879.

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