Lex SisneyIn human physics, Lex Sisney (c.1968-) is an American business consultant noted for []

In 2012, Sisney, in his Organizational Physics: the Science of Growing a Business, applied concepts such as force and English physicist Isaac Newton’s laws of motion to things such as business execution; the following is an excerpt from his acknowledgments section: [1]

“When it comes to physical sciences, this book will reference the luminaries of classical physics, as well as biology and systems theory. These include Ludwig von Bertalanffy, one of the founders of general systems theory, who helped us see that systems are everywhere and exhibit some common properties; Edward Lorenz, the mathematician and meteorologist who worked in obscurity while identifying the principles of chaos theory; Charles Darwin, the legendary biologist and grandfather of evolution theory who recognized that the single greatest mistake a species can make is to fail to adapt to its environment; Rudolf Clausius, who introduced the world to the principles of thermodynamics and the concept of entropy; and, of course, the greatest classical physicist, Isaac Newton, who helped us understand the laws of motion and momentum.”

Lex's approach seems to be a mixture of business thermodynamics, business physics, possibly even mixed in with business chemist ideas. In the introductory section of the book, Sisney gives what he calls the six laws of organizational physics:

1. An organization is a complex system.
2. An organization is subject to the first law of thermodynamics.
3. An organization is subject to the second law of thermodynamics.
4. An organization must shape and respond to its environment and do so as a whole system, including its parts and sub-parts.
5. An organization is subject to the conditions of its environment.
6. An organization is subject to the laws of motion.

Each of which he clarifies further with synopsis paragraphs. Then, after quoting the famous Arthur Eddingtonsupreme law” quote, states the generic motto: “you, me, and everything in the universe are ultimately falling apart over time. Wherever we find aging, disintegration, deterioration, and disorder we’re looking at entropy at work”, then gives the following formula for success:

Sisney success formula

which seems to the gist of his book, which seems to be angled as being a type of CEO guidance book.

In 2005, Sisney published Ready for Enlightenment?, which he describes as a "guide to spiritual development for Type A leaders, which has been endorsed by luminaries like Deepak Chopra, Gay Hendricks, and Barbara Marx Hubbard", which would seem to give a red flag indication that his "physics" is likely to be biased towards new age types of spirituality.

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1. Sisney, Lex. (2012). Organizational Physics: the Science of Growing a Business. Publisher.

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