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American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims, since 2010, has been given invited talks and lectures to various universities, some of which shown above and adjacent.
In lectures, Libb Thims (lectures) refers to public or university talks or lectures given on human thermodynamics, or the related subjects, including human physics, or human chemistry, by American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims.

The following is an early lecture suggestion for Thims, who had begun to write in 2001 on the chemical thermodynamics of human reactions and interactions:

“I think you should take a bunch of copies of your book, go down to a street corner, and just start talking.”
— Edward Duncan (c.2004), earlier reviewer of Thims' draft works

In 2005, Thims began to go public with his work, with the launch of HumanThermodynamics.com (2005), the HumanChemistry 101 YouTube channel (2007), followed by Hmolpedia (EoHT.info) (2008), and during this period began to offer to and to receive offers to lecture, give invited guest lectures, poster presentations, etc., to or at various classes, conferences, workshops, and or symposiums; some of which are listed below. Thims' first university lecture was in 2010, video recorded, but not polished enough for publication. Some of the web outlines of these lectures, per year, are listed below (as well as in the adjacent dropmenu), in reverse chronological order:

The following is the "features speakers" section for BPE 2016, showing Thims, along with Victor Yakovenko, John Bryant, Bruce Boghosian, among others:

BPE 2016 featured speakers

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In 2015, Thims gave a 14-part Aug lecture on "Zerotheism for Kids" to six kids to so to resolve a six year old's query "how did god create the world so fast" (i.e. in 7-days), after reading a standard children's bible, explained via Hypatia-framed "teach myths as myths" realism or extreme atheism point of view

In 2014, Thims gave an Apr lecture to three kids on the floating magnets experiment.

2013 | NIU + UP
The following are 2013 lectures:
● Thims, Libb. (2013). “Econoengineering and Economic Behavior: Particle, Atom, Molecule, or Agent Models?” (video, 1:33-min) (article, 40-pgs) (PowerPoint, 36-slides), Key speaker talk delivered at the University of Pitesti Econophysics and Sociophysics Workshop (UPESW) / Exploratory Domains of Econophysics News (EDEN V) (organizer: Gheorghe Savoiu). University of Pitesti, Pitesti, Romania, Jun 29.

Full 1:33-min "Econoengineering and Economic Behavior" University of Pitesti lecture.

● Thims, Libb. (2013). “A Guidemap to Human Chemical Thermodynamics: Goethe's Elective Affinities to Human Free Energies” (abs) (NIU announcement) (cover) (main) (full video) (abs video), Lecture to mechanical engineering thermodynamics students (professor: Milivoje Kostic), Northern Illinois University (NIU), Apr 16.

Truncated highlights of NIU lecture.
Full 53-min "A Guidemap to Human Chemical Thermodynamics" Northern Illinois University lecture.

2010-2012 | UIC
The following are 2010 to 2012 lectures:
● Thims, Libb. (2010). “An Introduction to Human Thermodynamics” (abs) (main) (handout), Lecture (open university) to bioengineering thermodynamics students (professor: Ali Mansoori), University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Apr 13.
●Thims, Libb. (2011). “How to Apply Thermodynamics in the Humanities: with Engineering Focus” (abs) (main), Lecture (open university) to bioengineering thermodynamics students (professor: Ali Mansoori), University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Apr 12.
● Thims, Libb. (2012). “An Introduction to Human Thermodynamics: Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and Applied” (main) (handout), Lecture to bioengineering thermodynamics students (professor: Ali Mansoori), University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Apr 10.
Libb Thims lecturing (2010)

Video stills of American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims in April of 2010 giving his first invited university lecture, to a bioengineering thermodynamics class. Left still shows photos of Rudolf Clausius, Willard Gibbs, and Gilbert Lewis, respectively, the three main founders of chemical thermodynamics; on the right: poster presentations showing Johann Goethe and Torbern Bergman, the two main figures in the early development of human chemistry; along with the Bergman affinity table, Bergman reaction diagrams, Papin engine, among others.

Thims lectures (chicago)
Above (left-top): Michigan Avenue Bridge, Chicago, where Thims attempted to give his first public lectures (2008) on human chemistry and the human molecule of a person; above (left-bottom): review commentary (2005), from the praise for section of Human Chemistry (2007), on some of the early manuscripts of Thims by graphic designer Edward Duncan; above (right): Thims' human chemistry book cart, which he used in his public lectures, pushing it around downtown, attempting to give old-fashioned sermons on the mound to the public.
Public lectures | 2003-2009
In circa 2003 to 2005, Thims had a little over a hundred people review different parts of his various working manuscripts, see: Libb Thims (publications), unfinished section, during which time one reviewer, American graphic designer Edward Duncan, commented: “I think you should take a bunch of copies of your book, go down to a street corner, and just start talking.”

In summer 2006, Thims met Russian physical chemist Georgi Gladyshev at the 14th annual International Anti-Aging Congress and Exposition in Chicago at the Rosemont Convention center, who was one of the key speakers and discussed Thims’ human thermodynamics in lecture. The 2007 A4M lecture at the 15th annual meeting, where Gladyshev also discusses Thims' theories, is available as an audio mp3. [2]

In 2007, Gladyshev invited Thims to give a talk to a large scientific conference at Moscow, Russia, which Gladyshev organizes yearly, with the condition that Thims' first complete his PhD.

Both Gladyshev and Thims were invited, by Italian thermodynamicist Gian-Paolo Beretta, to intend, and to submit presentation proposals, the 2007 "Meeting the Entropy Challenge", an international thermodynamics symposium in honor and memory of professor Joseph Keenan at MIT. [4] Unfortunately, Gladyshev and Thims were unable to attend do to scheduling difficulties.

In late summer 2008, following the publication of The Human Molecule, Thims took the advice of Duncan and began to go downtown to various street corners, such as the by the entrance to the Michigan Avenue Bridge, in front of the Wrigley field building, Chicago, and "just start talking" and try to educate people that they are in fact a molecule reactive to each other as are the smaller atoms, molecules, and chemicals of the periodic table. These early public lecture attempts were a learning experience, to say the least.

Thims' envisioned that a more honed group of listeners would be need, to understand and get the gist of what he was talking about, over that of the lay public, being that the subject is extremely mathematical and not a language often used by the common person.

On 14 March 2008, American chemical engineers Ted Erikson and Libb Thims attended the the annual American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) meeting at Harper College (Palatine, Illinois) where Erickson discussed Thims’ human molecule theories in lecture.

In circa 2008, Thims perused the idea of bring human chemistry to the high school level and paid a visit to the science teachers of New Trier High School, Illinois, where a friend of his is principle, a school which, to note, in 2002, as discussed in Thims' 2007 Human Chemistry, assigned a project, entitled “It’s all about Bonding: How Humans, Animals, Chemicals, and Natural Forces, have Conflicted in Time, but Also Worked Together”, wherein students were asked to consider how elements and chemical species chemically bond or conflict, and to think about how these polar opposite processes of bonding and conflicting play out in life, specifically in human relationships, in the form of human chemical bonds. [1]

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