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Like rankings are rankings of Facebook thumbs up a viewer gives to a page, individual page count shown below each Hmolpedia article.
In Hmolpedia, like rankings, abbreviation LR, Hmolpedia articles ranked, e.g. Aaron Freeman (LR:8), according to Facebook thumbs up likes; the top 150+ Hmolpedia articles, ordered by like rankings, are listed below. [1]

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The following is a work-in-progress listing of the 120+ most-liked articles of the 5,000+ pages in Hmolpedia, specifically those with five or more likes, as of circa Sep 2014, according to Facebook likes, based on the page visit flow rate, which varies from 50-100K+ page visits per month—names shown bolded for the sake of distinguishing articles on "people" as compared to articles on "content", all five of which, in respect to commonality, of the 1,000+ Hmolpedia existographies (biographies), are each high ranking social Newtons and human chemical thermodynamicists, the top three of which, Hirata, Goethe, and Thims, each having been independently cited in the IQ: 225+ range—cited and true intelligent quotients shown per values listed on the genius IQs table—the fourth ranked person being Oxford biochemistry educated, Harvard Medical School trained, Yale board certified practicing neurologist David Hwang, who humbly comments (2013), as to his position on the genius IQs table: “In my humble opinion I do not belong on your esteemed list of geniuses!”, the fifth, Henry Adams, well he speaks for himself, see: quote (below) and power centers, the sixth, Mehdi Bazargan, while although notably a French trained mechanical engineering thermodynamicist and the 75th Prime Minister of Iran, his work is not yet fully translated into English; the upward arrows ↑ indicate fast climbers: [2]

IQcitedIQtrue(written by)


1.Equation of love 620

2.Founders of thermodynamics and suicide493

3.Is-Ra-El ↑↑ 478

4.IQ: 200+ 422

Note: seems to have been reset to 48 (Jun 2019)?
5.IQ: 150+ | Smartest woman ever372

6.Genius IQs328

7.Hmolpedia (main page)324

8Aaron Freeman ↑↑315

9.The Mathematician in Love218

10.Love the chemical reaction214

11.Landau genius scale141

12.American Presidents by IQ186

13.Good Will Hunting (William Sidis)132225

14.Soul mate128

15.Endorphin theory of love127

16.Top 1000 geniuses126

43 (current) + 83 (from earlier version "top 500 geniuses" namesake page).
17.Dawkins scale114

IQ tables95

Abraham and Brahma87

18.Last person to know everything87

19.Einstein on free will85

20.Sweaty T-shirt study84

Claus Wedekind (1995)

Human molecular formula78

21Napoleon Laplace anecdote72

22.Massimiliano Ferrara70

Note: votes from 18 Feb 2016 StrettoWeb.com article (Ѻ) on him.
23.Human chemical theory69

2#.Christopher Hirata68225190±
24.Chocolate theory of love 53

25.Arnold Sommerfeld52

Note: votes resulting from Reddit thread (Ѻ) stream.
26.Egyptian Book of the Dead51

29.Life does not exist53

20.Gerard Nahum46

Note: votes resulting from his stream from his new book launch.

Clay creation myth52

32.Beckhap's law49

33.Mislabeled geniuses and IQ tests49

34.Human molecule45

35.Neumann-Shannon anecdote57


Dean Simonton42



3#.Zerotheism for Kids40

38.Life does not exist53

39.Ra theology40


41.Bertrand Russell 36

42.Serge Galam34

43.Johann Goethe34225230
44.Thomas Young33
45.Human chemistry34

46.Atheism types31

47.Thermodynamics of hell31

Paul Foote (1920)
48.Laws of thermodynamics (game version)31

49.Turnover rate37

50. Stuart Kauffman28

51.Human thermodynamics27

52.The Thermodynamics of Love28

David Hwang (2001)
54.Thermodynamics humor25

55.Shannon bandwagon23

56.Greatest physicist ever23

Note: May 2016 Twitter post (Ѻ) flow votes.
57.IQ: 200+ (references)21

58. Libb Thims 21


61.Molecular evolution table20

62.Nature abhors a vacuum34

63.Fourth law of thermodynamics18

64.Henry Adams 17
65.Thermodynamics of love17

66.History of differential equations23

67.Goethe (pronunciation)18


69.Humanities citation ranking16

70.Early parental death and genius16

71.Love at first sight16

72.Social chemistry 16

73.Yunus Cengel16

74.Ships not seen34

75.Feynman problem solving algorithm14

76.Existence of god 14

77.The Animate and the Inanimate14

78.Negative entropy14

79.Johannes van der Waals14


81.S = k ln W17

83. Goethe’s human chemistry 13

84.Relationship physics13

85.Sociological thermodynamics12

86.A Letter to American Teachers of History12

Henry Adams (1910)
87.Atomic theory12

88.Justin Lancaster12


90.Rudolf Clausius12

91.James Joule12

92.Entropy ethics11

93. Human chemical reaction theory11

94.Boltzmann tombstone10

95.Dissipative structure10

96.Evolution thermodynamics10


98.Human chemical reaction10

99.American school of econophysics9

100.Mega Test IQ9

101.Religious thermodynamics9

102.Thermodynamics of Humans9

Mehdi Bazargan (1956)
103.Ilya Prigogine27

104.Nassim Haramein9

105.Dean Hamden9

106.Energy slave9

107.Network thermodynamics8


109.Physics of love8

110.Nikola Tesla8

111.Clausius inequality8


113.Third law of thermodynamics8

114.Comparative mythology and religion11


116.Guinness Book IQ10

117.Queer chemistry8

118.Creationism scientists ranked by idiocy 8

119New Dimensions in Sociology7

11#.Maxwell's demon7

120.Entropy (song)7

121.Smartest person alive | existive7

122.History of chemical bonding theory7

124.William Sidis7300185
125.Negative confessions9


127.Thermodynamics of Evolution6

128.Gunpowder theory of life6

129.dW = PdV6

130.Human molecule (banned)6

131.Robert Pirsig6175

132. Evolution timeline6

133.Entropy 6

134.Soul theorist6

135.Gordon Van Wylen6

136.10 percent myth6

137.IQ history6

138.God does not play dice6

139.IQ: 225+5

140.Entropy antonyms8

141.Benard cells25

142.Elective Affinities5

143.Pierre Levy5

144.Norbert Wiener5

145.Paul Foote5

146.John Butler5

147.Mechanical equivalent of heat6

148.Social physics5


150.Reserve energy5

151.Fall in love5

152.Entropy (unscrambled eggs)5

153.Computer science thermodynamics5

154.Molecular thermodynamics5

A few noted runners up (or up comers) include: Arthur Iberall (4+), genius hiatus effect (4+), human physics (4+), Voltaire (4+), James Eadon (4+), Ettore Majorana (3+), Lev Shneider (3+), human chemical bond (3+), Hmolpedia (etymology) (3+), human molecule (Wikipedia) (3+), Goethe (quotes) (3+), schools of thermodynamics (3+), Lazy ant study (3+), rock vs. human (2+), genius studies (2+), James Maxwell (2+), John Neumann (2+), love thought experiment (2+), personal space (2+), Pitirim Sorokin (2+), polymath (2+), Thomas Dreier (2+), death drive (2+), epicenter genius (2+), Hmolpedia: progress report (1+), to name a few.

List | People
The following, culled from the above full ranking, is a listing of the most-liked pages of "people" of the 3,200+ pages in Hmolpedia:

IQcitedIQtrue(written by)

1.Christopher Hirata 53225190±
2.Gerard Nahum [friend votes]46

3.Johann Goethe30225230
4. Libb Thims 20225

The Thermodynamics of Love 19

David Hwang (2001)
5.Henry Adams 17
6.Rudolf Clausius12

Thermodynamics of Humans9

Mehdi Bazargan (1956)

Napoleon Laplace anecdote9190195Pierre Laplace (1802)
7.Ilya Prigogine9

8.Nassim Haramein [friend votes]9

9.William Sidis7300185
10.Robert Pirsig6175

11.Pierre Levy5

12.Norbert Wiener5

These are followed by: Voltaire (4+), James Eadon (4+), James Maxwell (2+), John Neumann (2+), Nikola Tesla (2+), Pitirim Sorokin (2+), Thomas Dreier (2+), Mehdi Bazargan (2+), to name a few.

1. (a) Note: this page was started when it was noted, on 5 Dec 2013, following completion of a reading of volume one of Morris Zucker's 1945 A Field Theory of History, how many people like the Henry Adams page; Adams (#17) being the late 19th century embodiment of Goethe (#10), Hirata (#7), numbers shown being at that time point in the ranking, being the 20st century embodiment of Goethe, at least for one passionate point in his reaction existence (life), and Thims (#14) being the 21st century embodiment of Goethe, Adams, and Hirata.
(b) Note: Exclusions to the above so-called natural “like rankings” are contrived or unnatural (forced or coupled) like rankings; e.g. the article on Kishore Dash, who after linking his own article to his Facebook page, gained 8 likes within the course of a month, all of which being friends filtering through the link, and naturally enough liking their friend's page. These types of artificial likes counts are excluded from the above like rankings.
2. Email communication from David Hwang to Libb Thims (2 Dec 2013).

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