Meng-Hua YeIn hmolscience, Michael Meng-Hua Ye (c.1956-), cited “Meng-Hua Ye”, is an American physical economist noted for his 1984 PhD dissertation on “Application of Brownian Motion to Economic Models of Optimal Stopping”, completed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and for his 1991 book Economics, Philosophy, and Physics, co-written with Chinese-born American economist Ching-Yao Hsieh, and econophysics and economic thermodynamics themed book wherein they give a historical overview of certain physics and thermodynamics principles used in economic theory. [1]

1. Hsieh, Ching-Yao, and Ye, Meng-Hua. (1991). Economics, Philosophy, and Physics. M.E. Sharpe.

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‚óŹ Michael Meng-Hua Ye (faculty) – St Mary’s College of Maryland.

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