photo needed In hmolscience, Michael Fores (c.1926-) is/was an English economist noted for his 1976 talk “A Proper Use of Science”, where he argues the following:

Physics deals with matter, and so, oddly, does chemistry. Whereas the matter which is part of living organisms is the subject of biology; or is it the subject of organic chemistry? Sociology is the study of man in groups; whereas psychology is the study of man himself. However, individuals form groups; so some of social behavior is part of individual behavior. And anthropology, with its accent on culture, also deals with man in groups. But so does … We have biochemistry, physical chemistry, biophysics, social psychology. Should there be a door in the House of Science called socio-chemistry or anthro-physics or eco-zoology (the animal aspects of wider housekeeping)? I think not; but posing the question outlines the activist’s dilemma.”

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In 1976, Fores was a senior economic advisor at the Department of Industry of England.

1. Fores, Michael. (1976). “A Proper Use of Science” (pg. 152), given at conference on manufacturing and management, City University, London, Dec.; in: Manufacturing & Management (editors: Michael Fores and Ian Glover). H.M. Stationery Office, 1978.

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