Mr. OIn hmolscience, Mr. O (c.1980-) (IQ:136±) (DN:1), aka Andrew Maxwell, identity concealed per military reasons, is a Scottish American strong theistic philosopher noted for his 2015 participation in the Atheism Reviews discussion and debate channel.

Mr. O is a Trinitarian Christian, who believes in the existence of god based on ontological, teleological, and cosmological arguments; is heavily influenced by science of mind, consciousness, and theological belief the beginning of the universe (first cause); and can be classified as a “theistic evolutionist” or creation evolutionist, who believes that science and spiritual contemplative practices need not be at odds. He believes that science and religion are comparable, almost as a covalent bond. He believes in subjective experience in a closed energy system; believes that: biology, physics, and all sciences are correct. [1]

Influential thinkers to Mr. O, include: Alvin Plantinga, Thomas Nagel, John Lennox, Sam Harris, William Craig, C. Stephen Evans, Michio Kaku (Ѻ), Bart Ehrman, Neil Tyson, Gary Habermas, John Locke, William Paley, C.S. Lewis, Albert Einstein, Gottfried Leibniz, George Ellis, Michael Ruse, and Leonard Susskind.

Mr. O is averse to the following thinkers: Richard Dawkins, Gerald Massey (Ѻ), (add)

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“Having Duck Dynasty speak for Christian thought is like Ken Ham speaking for scientific reasoning.”
— Mr. O. (2015), commentary on the 20 Mar 2015 Phil Robertson Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast Speech (Ѻ) (V), Apr 9

“I'm more of a George Ellis, Leibniz, Thomas Nagel, Michael Ruse, Susskind, Plantinga type. I believe in cosmology, Platonism, natural theology, evolutionary biology, and epistemic ontology. I'm no YEC and mad ‘dumb Christian’. Dawkins is a joke to say it kindly.”
— Mr. O. (2015), commentary on general debate prerogative, Apr 9

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1. Mr. O (2015). “Messaging Communications to Libb Thims”, Feb 2 – Apr 9.

Further reading
● Maxwell, Andrew. (2005). “Conditioned Response Consciousness” (Ѻ), Journal of Human Thermodynamics, 192):13-20.

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