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Left: the 1962 song (V) "The Chemistry of Love" written by Al Hazan. Right: the 2007 song "Chemistry" by Swedish pop singer Velvet.
In human chemistry, music chemistry defines the large number of musical songs that have been written or themed on variations of felt or uncontrollable chemistry between people, especially those effects having to do with love. One example is a BMI publishing firm called "Chemistry Music" started in 1961 by American singer, songwriter, and record producer Al Hazan, named after the first song he published, which was entitled "The Chemistry of Love." [1] Other examples are shown below:

In 1959, "Love Potion No. 9" by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, originally performed by The Clovers that year. The song has since been covered by numerous artists, including the well-known version by the The Searchers (1963)

The 1962 two-minute and thirteen-second song "The Chemistry of Love", written by Al Hazan and Annette Tucker, was recorded by Crystalette Records and sung (hear song) by Tony Caro with Jimmy Haskell and his Orchestra. The formula for the chemistry of love, according to this song, is:

  1. Start with the heart of a girl.
  2. Mix with the heart of a boy.
  3. Add a little moonlight from above.
  4. That's the Chemistry of Love.
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Velvet | Chemisttry
The 2007 single "Chemistry" (Ѻ), released in August, is a popular club hit by Swedish pop singer Velvet:

I feel the chemistry
Between you and me
There's electricity
when you're touching me
I feel the chemistry
feel the biogravity
I want you touching me
I feel you touching me

Na nanana na nanana (2x) ... It's the perfect night - To go out and do it right - One look into your eyes - Sets the emotion - Don't need psychology - With this biology - officialty is ever flowing - All I really wanna do is feel love - Get into the rhythm of the two of us - wanna feel your love can't get enough - together. [[ ... Chorus ...]]:

The way my body acts - When your body moves like that - It's science in control - And we're defenceless - It's in the D.N.A. - that we feel this way - So let the music play - With least attention. [[ ... break ... ]] All I really wanna do is feel love - Get into the rhythm of the two of us - wanna feel your love can't get enough - together. [[ ... Chorus: repeats ... ]] I feel you touching me - Chemistry - I want you touching me - Chemistry - I feel you touching me - Na nanana na nanana na nanana (5x).

Interesting that, in respect to interpersonal attraction, modern singers, in their talk of “biogravity”, are somewhere floating between Isaac Newton’s 1686 universal law of gravitation, Charles Coulomb’s 1717 law of electrostatic attraction (see: Coulomb’s law), and William Warntz’s 1964 social gravitation models?

The 2001 song "All About Chemistry" describes how a guy found out about chemistry when he was young and soon began to conduct good-intentioned experiments witha certain fine girl, but soon found that when the two of them were mixed together, they had a bad tendency to explode. The adjacent video is a clip about brooke and chase set to the sound of semsonic's chemistry.

The 2002 song "Just Like a Pill" describes a relationship as being like a drug. Specifically, the song describes the effects of being sickly attached to a partner, in a ambivalent or deteriorating relationship, such that, according to the hook: "your're just like a pill, stead of makin' me better, you keep makin' me ill".

Other songs that utilize a metaphor-like chemical theory in lyrics include:

● 2008 dance song: “Every Word” (Wendel kos edit), Artist: Ercola featuring Daniella, Key verse (at time 2:00):
“Something about our love is like a chemical,
If we don’t do it right, I think it might explode”

● 1996 Song: “One in a Million”, Artist: Aliyah, Key Verse (at time 0:50):
"Baby you don’t know what you do to me,
Between me an you, I feel the chemistry.”

Another song is the 1995 song "Chemistry" by Jawbreaker, where the key verse is "corner me in chemistry", in which the singer doesn't seem to have chemistry with a girl two grades below him. [2]

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