Music thermodynamics
A basic thermodynamics word cloud (Ѻ) with music affixed, giving a thematic to songs indicative of music thermodynamics.
In human thermodynamics, music thermodynamics is the use of thermodynamic terminology or theory in song writing and singing.

Thermal word themed
The following are songs that employ a significant amount of thermal word terminology to convey their message and or meaning:

● She Made My Blood Run Cold | Clayton Love with Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm (1957) (L)
● One More Try | George Michael (1988)
● November Rain | Guns n Roses (1992)
● Angel | Sarah McLachlan (1997)
● Hot n Cold | Katy Perry (2008)
● Firefly | Paul Oakenfold | ft. Matt Goss (2010) (V)

In 1963, Flanders and Swann performed and recorded, at the Haymarket Theatre, London, their now-famous and classic The First and Second Law. [1]

In 1975, Wayne Smith, in his article "Thermodynamics, Folk Culture, and Poetry", discussed the principles of the first, second, and third laws of thermodynamics in songs and poems. [4]

In 1999, the rapper MC Hawking, a play on Stephen Hawking, produced the very-humorous, thermodynamics-themed rap-parody song Entropy themed on entropy. [2]

In 2005, the punk rock group Bad Religion released a 2:24-min song entitled “Entropy” that mentions Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann. [3] The lyrics are:

random blobs of power expressed as that which we all disregard,
ordered states of nature on a scale that no one thinks about,
don't speak to me of anarchy or peace or calm revolt,
man, we're in a play of slow decay orchestrated by Boltzmann,

it's entropy, it's not a human issue,
entropy, it's a matter of course,
entropy, energy at all levels,
entropy, from it you can not divorce
and your pathetic moans of suffrage tend to lose all significance,

extinction, degradation;
the natural outcomes of our ordered lives,
power, motivation; temporary fixtures for which we strive,
something in our synapses assures us we're ok
but in our disquilibrium we simply can not stay,
it's entropy......

a stolid proposition from a man unkempt as I,
my affectatious nature I can not rectify,
but we are out of equilibrium unnaturally,
a pang of consciousness of death
and then you will agree

In 2005, with the invention of YouTube, a number of thermodynamics-themed physics-project videos can often be found where students sing or rap about energy, entropy, and the laws of thermodynamics; some of which are listed below:

● Thermodynamics | Ladam, Deepti, and Radhika (2007) (V)
● Thermodynamics of Love | David Ng (2009) (V)

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