Peter JosephIn existographies, Peter Joseph Merola (1979-) is an American filmmaker noted for his 2007 documentary Zeitgeist, which introduced a laymanized blanket version of Christ myth theory to the general public.

On 1 Jun 2007, Joseph published the film documentary Zeitgeist, the first part of it, the religion debunking part, being based on the astro-theology theories of Dorothy Murdock, which went viral, resulting in many youth becoming aware of the Jesus figure parallels that exist prior to the invention of Christianity, aka the Roman redaction (see: recension theory) of Egyptian religio-mythology.

Joseph, by 2012, had also admitted (ΡΊ) he was a fan of Jordan Maxwell and Jacque Frescos.

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● Murdock, Dorothy M. (aka Acharya S.) (c.2010). “Zeitgeist: the Movie: Companion Source Guide”,

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