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A Google-produced definition of physicochemical meaning of or relating to physics and chemistry or their overlapping joint subject of physical chemistry.
In terminology, physicochemical (TR:191) or "physico-chemical", not to be confused with physiochemical (physiological chemistry or chemistry of physiology), refers to physical chemistry or physical chemical phenomena.

The term “physico-chemical” tended to be used in the years circa 1870s to 1930/70s, after which the term “physical chemistry” tended to supersede the former; although not completely (the unwieldy phrase “physical chemical”, e.g., is inept in certain uses). The following Google-made term usage chronology outlines this:

Physicochemical (term use)

Hmolscience thinkers to have employed "physicochemical" language, include: Henry Adams (1908-1909), Lawrence Henderson (1930s), Pitirim Sorokin (1943), in objection to Henderson, and the other physicochemically-minded thinkers of his historical "materialism school" (1928) classification, George Scott (1985), and Mirza Beg (1987).

The following are ripe quotes employing the term "physico-chemical" by American physical humanities historian Henry Adams:

“On the physico-chemical law of development and dynamics, our society has reached what is called the critical point where it is near a new phase or equilibrium.”
Henry Adams (1908), “Letter to Charles Gaskell” (Sep 27) [1]

“I’m looking for a ‘young and innocent physico-chemist [see: Henry Bumstead] who wants to earn a few dollars by teaching an idiot what is the first element of theory and expression in physics.”
Henry Adams (1908), “Note to John Jameson” (Dec) [2]

“My essay ‘The Rule of Phase [Applied to History]’ is a ‘mere intellectual plaything, like a puzzle’. I am interested in getting it into the hands of a ‘scientific, physico-chemical proofreader’ and I am willing to pay ‘liberally for the job’.”
Henry Adams (1909), Notes to Brooks Adams and John Jameson [1]

The following are other noted quotes:

“To a materialist no thing is real but atoms in a void and we are but molecular people controlled by the actions of natural physicochemical law.”
George Scott (1985), “Molecular People” dedicated to Lucretius

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