photo neededIn hmolscience, Raymond Bassett (1904-1956) was an American sociologist noted for his involvement in John Q. Stewart’s so-called “social physics project at Princeton”, aka the Princeton Department of Social Physics”, and seems to have been a member of the 40-person AAAS Social Physics Committee, commenting, e.g. his view that "decisions", as per Stewart's so-called "central equation of social physics" goes, is an elementary concept in the whole of sociological theory. [1]

Bassett completed his undergraduate work in 1928 at Yale and his PhD in 1948 at the University of Washington, and from 1949 to 1956 was chairman of sociology department (ΡΊ) at the University of New Hampshire. [2]

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2. Raymond Eliot Bassett (1904-1956) –

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