In science, reaction end, an upgrade replacement for the defunct term “death” (see: defunct theory of life), as contrasted with reaction start (i.e. “birth”), refers to the irreversible termination point (dereaction point) of a chnopsological-based animate atomic structure.

The terms: reaction start (i.e. birth | defunct), reaction existence (i.e. life | defunct), and reaction end (i.e. death | defunct) are Hmolpedia coinings first used in early 2012 in the construction of the Goethe timeline; German polymath Johann Goethe, of course, being the first to correctly view the process of human existence and human relationships as being chemical reactions or correctly human chemical reactions: in this sense, nothing, in either chemical reactions or human chemical reactions, per se, is "born", "dies", or "lives", at any instant or point in the mechanism of the reaction, hence the needed terminological upgrade.

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