Robert LoudenIn hmolscience, Robert Louden (1953-) is an American philosopher noted for his 1992 Morality and Moral Theory, wherein states his view that: [1]

“A theory of thermodynamics is not, and never will be, a moral theory. By moral theory, I mean, at the simplest level, any sustained attempt to give an account of how moral agents ought to live and act.”

This thermodynamics mention, for the most part, seems to be but a spurious statement, for aside from one other passing mention of the laws of thermodynamics being a type relevant knowledge to the physicist, he work is devoid of any other mention of thermodynamics.

Louden completed his BA in 1975 in philosophy and politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, his MA in 1976 and PhD in 1981 both at the University of Chicago, the latter with a dissertation on “The Elements of Ethics: Toward a Topography of the Moral Field”. Since 1996, he has been a professor of philosophy at the University of Southern Maine. The majority of Louden’s publications focus on developing a Kantian-based theory of morality.

1. (a) Louden, Robert B. (1992). Morality and Moral Theory: a Reappraisal and Reaffirmation (thermodynamics, pgs. 96, 139). Oxford University Press.
(b) What Should Moral Theory Be? (ch. 7-8) –

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