Ryan Grannell nsIn hmolscience, Ryan Grannell (c.1991-) is an Irish biochemistry student noted for his month-long 2011 blogging effort to explain how human chemistry and human thermodynamics are "bulls**t" subjects and “junk science”. A representative comment is: [1]

“This is all just a horrendous analogy. Chemical laws apply to humans, but our behavior is more complex than something that can be modeled with a couple of thermodynamic equations. A + B → AB is just a pretentious way of stating something we already know; it tells us absolutely nothing new.”

Beyond this, to cite a few further examples, Grannell believes German polymath Johann Goethe’s 1799 human elective affinities model of existence is a “nutty theory”; considers American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims’ 2011 thermodynamic proof that good always triumphs over evil to be nothing but “calculus coated woo, hidden behind a smokescreen of rhetorical mathematics”; believes that enthalpy has nothing to do with the sexual heat of physical attraction, among numerous other objections. [2]

Grannell currently is a studying biochemistry, microbiology, and zoology at National University of Ireland, Galway. He’s studied introductory linear algebra, calculus, biology, chemistry, and physics, and has long term aims of eventually doing research in computational molecular biology, biochemistry, or physiology. [3]

Grannell is an open advocate of atheism: [3]

“I’m an Atheist, in the sense that I do not see sufficient evidence to believe in a God. I’m also an atheist in the sense that I can see that some claims of Gods existence are almost certainly false: Christianity and Scientology being among them. I grew out of religion around the same time I grew of out the Christmas myths; I actually rated the latter as being more plausible, because Santa had clear and tangible effects on the world around me. I approach the world from an empirical, naturalistic, and rational point of view, and the results are often fantastic. Plus, I don’t have to do mental gymnastics to try to reconcile the existence of an all-loving, omnipotent God with childhood leukemia. A nice bonus.”

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