photo neededIn hmolscience, Stuart Dodd (1900-1975) was an American sociologist, part of the Princeton Department of Social Physics, classified by Werner Stark (1962) as a “secondary form” social mechanism theorist, noted for his 1942 Dimensions of Society. [1]

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The modern attraction of Dodd’s theories, according to the recent Stuart C. Dodd Institute Conferences (ΡΊ), seems to be those who are looking to meld “science and spirituality” into questions germane to social + physical theories.

Dodd seems to have harbored some type of god-materialism panbioism inclination underlying his overall quest for unification of the physical sciences with sociology. The following, to exemplify, is a 1971 statement by Dodd and reflection on his quest to find some kind of god-infused "inclusive formula" for all: [2]

“My lifelong quest is for greater unity, pervading and tying together all diversity. Whether divergent counsel in a group's formal discussion where I seek the synthesizing motion; or seeking a life center for emotional satisfactions as I find in Betty; or searching for a simpler yet ever more inclusive formula for all things knowable to man as I developed in the pan-acts equation:

 \frac{a}{ct}=1 \,

for God c (If seen as the creator and ruler of all in self-creating and over-all ruling cosmos when defined as the Universal set (Uo= 1) of all things nameable) — all these and much more are manifestations of my mostly subconscious quest towards integrating — always trying to systematize from chaos, forever wanting to see things more wholly and as a whole.”

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● Dodd, Stuart C. (1951). "Scientific Methods in Human Relations," The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Vol. 10, No. 3, April.

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