Tefnut (images)
Some images of Tefnut, shown with lioness head, on which is balanced the sun (or sun god) Ra, surrounded by the Apep snake (Set); the image to the left shows her holding the was scepter; the right image seems to be lotus staff of some kind.
In religio-mythology, Tefnut, in hieroglyphs: Tefnut H1or Tefnut H2f, derived from the root "to spit; be moist", is the Egyptian goddess of the moisture of the sky; female counterpart of the god Shu (air); off-spring of Atum (or Ra-Atum, later), the Heliopolis sun god, of the Heliopolis creation myth (Ennead); mother of the god Geb (earth) and goddess Nut (heavens).

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