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American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims' 2008 booklet The Human Molecule, a history on the theory of a person defined or conceptualized as a molecule or atomic aggregate.
In famous publications, The Human Molecule is a 120-page, 2008 book by American chemical engineer Libb Thims. It is the first-ever book published with specific focus on the subject of the "human molecule", the atomic-definition of a person; a term coined in 1869 by French historian Hippolyte Taine (correction: Jean Sales, 1789). [1]

The first review of The Human Molecule is scheduled to be published in a late Summer issue of The Chemical Engineer. [2]

Of note, the 2010 Lulu edition of American writer John Hodgson's 2002 book Little Fun Book of Molecules Humans, was retitled as molecules humans, printed with a newly-designed cover art taking its cues from Thims' use of Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci's The Human Molecules. [3]

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