Viktor Minkin nsIn human thermodynamics, Viktor Albertovich Minkin (c.1959-) is a Russian biometrist notable for his work in the application and development of human thermodynamic theory, beginning in 2007, with the connective use of various technologies, particularly vibraimage and fingerprint analysis, to the quantification of states of human molecules. [1]

Minkin has a BS in Measurement and Information Technologies and a MS in Photosensitive Devices. He has spent over twenty years in the development and study of dermatoglyphics and software applications on the calculation of extrovert/introvert levels and left/right brain hemisphere levels according to fingerprints.

Human thermodynamics
In 2007, Minkin began to consider the combination of human emotional state quantification computerized technologies, such as computational dermatoglyphics pixel vibration rate video image processing (vibraimaging), with the sciences of human chemistry and human thermodynamics, to the further understanding and analysis of human-human compatibilities in family and business. In February of 2007, Minkin stated, in commentary on American chemical engineer Libb ThimsHuman Chemistry (Volume One), that “at first, (Thims) theory looks strange, but after time, following further thought and understanding, I did not find any arguments against it … if we have rules for molecular behavior, why not adapt these molecular terms for human behavior; moreover, until human thermodynamics, there had never been a direct link between fingerprints, which reflect the character and health of a person, and DNA – this phenomenon can now be explained”. [2]

Pair matching
In 2009, Minkin, possibly using some of the Gibbs free energy matching theory, took the project to the working model stage in the site, which claims to facilitate (a) recognition of emotions of visitors, (b) emotion recognition in Skype, (c) measure pixel-dependent aura, (d) lie detection, (e) couple compatibility matching, (f) remote and contactless public security. [4]

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Further reading
‚óŹ Minkin, Viktor, A. and Nikolaenko, N.N. (2008). “Application of Vibraimage Technology and System for Analysis of Motor Activity and Study of Functional State of Human Body”, Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 42, No. 2, pgs. 196-200.

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